In 300 Words or Less: What is Home Equity?


home equityAs you consider buying your first home and start the research process, you will likely come across the term “home equity” a lot. It is one of the most frequently cited reasons to buy a home (“build up home equity”), and mentioned along with words […]

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5 Ways to Prepare for Home Ownership While Renting


budgeting for new constructionHurst Lending and our AgsReward division are very involved with the Texas A&M community. As such we hear from a lot of recent graduates who have questions about when and how they should prepare to buy a house. Generally speaking, as people […]

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4 Steps to Prepare for House Hunting


A recent CNN Money article summarized movement in the housing market so far in 2015. They stated that:

“On a national level, 40% of homes moved off the market in the two-month period, a slight increase from 38% during the same time period in 2014, the report showed. On average, lower-priced homes in […]

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Nervous About Taking on a Mortgage?


We don’t re-publish a lot of content, but this weekend Jonathan Clements wrote a great article in the WSJ that explains why taking out a mortgage can be a great financial strategy.  I liked it so well, I have published it here, almost in its entirety.  Here is a link to his original article: […]

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Build On Your Land – With Low Money Down


FHA and VA loans are very popular options for home buyers who want to buy a home with a low down payment.  FHA loans require only a 3.5% down payment, while VA loans require no down payment at all.

However, these loans are rarely used for new construction. This is because most lenders require a borrower to get […]

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Low Down Payment – Jumbo Mortgage


The jumbo property market in Texas is in much better shape than most markets around the country. However, sales are still slow in the upper end for a few reasons. But, one of the least discussed is the large down payment and reserve requirements for jumbo mortgages. The down payments required are generally 20%-25% of […]

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No Equity? – Still want to Refinance


Homeowners with little or no equity in their homes still have time to take advantage of the Government’s Home Affordable Refinance Program.

The HARP program is designed for borrowers with underwater mortgages but who are otherwise qualified and responsible borrowers.  This program allows borrowers to refinance their primary residences up to 105% loan to value and […]

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Want to Buy a Home at a 50% discount?


The Good Neighbor Next Door Sales (GNND) program is a federal revitalization initiative through HUD that provides homeownership at a substantial discount to qualified buyers.  Under this Texas  Home Loan program, HUD offers a 50% discount on the list price of a qualified home as long as the buyer commits to live in the property […]

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